K5 Blazer Gets MASSIVE Air!

big air K-5

About 15 years ago I owned a decent full Sized K-5 Blazer, a late 80’s model (It’s been to long to recall which). I found this K5 Blazer for sale on a used car lot, which was covered in deep snow.

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This was a great truck, but I bought it without really looking it over. It had been a northern car and was really rusted out underneath. I suspect it was quite a bit like the one in this video. 

I never did anything like this guy in the video, for any number of reasons, but I think the truck would have fallen apart if I had.

The K-5 Blazer has always been a cool off road machine. I love the fully convertible models from 69′-75′. The military Blazer was an “upgraded” option if you can find one. Known as the M1009 it was built with heavier suspension and no air conditioning. If you were looking for a smaller suv, you could have opted for the S10 Blazer (GMC Jimmy), which was a smaller version of the full size. 

flying K5 flying K5-2 flying K5-3

Bonus: K5 in a mudhole..

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