Jet truck Vs. Ford Turbo Diesel Tug of War! Why?…Why not!

jet truck

What do folks do on hot sunny days? Take their pickup trucks out for a spin! Here in this video, you’ll find a Toyota pickup truck powered by a jet engine and a Ford pickup truck powered by diesel. Both of these incredible trucks will try to do a game of tug-of-war to see whose engine are more powerful and better. Do you already have a winner in mind?

At the beginning of this video, a Ford turbo diesel is running through a grassy field. Heavy duty grill guards are surrounding its front bumpers. It is swerving from left to right digging dirt while driving away. Now on the jet truck, the driver is wearing a helmet for safety reasons. Its body paint is white and its pickup truck bed is gone. What replaces the back of the pickup truck is a jet engine or a jet pack! A jet pack! It’s like living in the year 2100 like The Jetsons! Or somewhat something like it. Why put a jet pack at the back of a pickup truck? The question should be “Why not place a jet pack at the back of a pickup truck?

They start the contest with a jet only powered engine versus the Ford turbo diesel. At the start of the tug-of-war, no vehicle seems to budge. After a couple of seconds, the Ford pickup truck drags the jet-only Toyota pickup truck. You’d think the jet wins this one but no! What an amazing engine Ford pickup trucks have! But, they don’t stop there! They decided to have a rematch but this time, the Toyota pickup truck will combine its diesel power with the jet engine. Now this is more interesting! When they start, you’d think that the combined efforts of the Toyota engine and jet pack will win the race but no! The Ford turbo diesel wins! What a crazy ending!

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