TUG THIS! No-one Gets Left Out Of This Competition!

jeep wrangler vs Chevy suburban

Tug THIS! Let’s get this exciting tugging event going with the first go-at-it. Two power-addicts haul each other, nobody backing down in the slightest. And the blue-red truck gets to be the winner in an epic display of fortitude.

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Pink and black up against each other, the pink one slowly, but surely getting in the lead. Lots of smoke, but the pink one looks like it’s just having some tea while winning this round. And it gets it. Good job!

The wheels on this black monster van are immense! This is 2:10 and we’re ready to see this devil in action. It goes at it, goes really hard at it, and its huge wheels seem to work. It wins!

Two trucks, a Ford on the front and what seems to be a GMC on the back, both spreading smoke and effort everywhere. Seems the GMC goes at it a tiny bit better, and wins. Switched places, and again. The GMC takes the cake, the drivers get excited at their second victory.

“Got Mud?” and an orange monster truck going at it against each other by 5:10, running over the road with their bulk and power-hungry engines.

7:00, a standoff, two colossal trucks just hitting their engines as hard as they can. The back one bouncing, and we all know what that means. The left one takes the cake on this, and rightly so, his trucking just better.

By 9:10 we get to watch a sleek black ride, named Goliath, on the right and a red-black monster of a truck on the left. Goliath goes at it, the red-black reeling back. It’s a tense fight, and everyone feels it. Might be the peak of Pinckney Pub Truck Tugs this year, even with the high standard it raised so far. Goliath gives it one long, hard pull, and wins! Tight!


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