Jeep TJ Build & Rock Crawl Adventure

Jeep Rock Crawl FI

If you love Jeep Wrangler TJs, you’ll definitely love this video. These types of vehicles are powerful on dirty roads. They have round headlights and a coil suspension to die for!

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In this video, Fred Williams, an owner of a lot of Jeeps including CJ 7 and 5, will show how it is like owning an incredible rough road machine. Because of the coil springs that come with the Wrangler Jeep, it rides a lot better than the other Jeeps. Fred just bought this white baby at an affordable price and would like to take it off road. Let’s see how his adventure goes!

Fred is riding a four-cylinder engine white Jeep Wrangler TJ through the dunes. He’s going to find out how it performs even with a tiny engine. The Jeep also has small tires and low-hanging fruits such as transmission, cross members and the side steps but Fred’s going rock crawling so he had to make a little changes to the vehicle. But, he says that he won’t be making it too tall because when you’re off road, it feels like it’s going to tip over. So, he changes the tires and places bigger ones. He also takes the bumper out and replaced it with more rock-crawling appropriate bumpers. At about four and a half minutes through this video, Fred starts the engine and tried to do a little rock crawling but because the Jeep still doesn’t have axles, lockers and gears, it does not go anywhere.

Fred goes to Poison Spiders to build the ultimate rock crawling machine. After replacing the factory tailgates, stock cages, shocks, sway bars, lights, hoods, bumpers, tires, rock siders, gears, suspensions, lockers and more, the Jeep has a better shot at being a rock crawler. To have power going to both of the front and back tires and to achieve more traction, Fred placed Rock Chuck 44 axles with ARB air lockers in them and sway bars, among others.  He names his Jeep, “Tube Sock”.  Fred finished everything in just 10 days! He arrives in the east of Moab, Utah on a Saturday at 11:00 in the morning.

He takes his newly built Jeep out to the trail and you guessed it! The Jeep Wrangler TJ works perfectly! It climbed with such ease through the boulders and large obstacle! The newly installed monster wheels make up for the tiny engine’s lack of horse power! “Tube Sock” is awesome! But then it starts to rain. After a while, the skies clear up. Fred met up with Scott McFarland after the rain. Scott asked Fred to ride with him in a red Ford pickup truck and they go so fast on the dunes and even flies through the air! This is the perfect adventure for the adrenaline-junkies!

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