Its A “JEEP OFF”! Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing

It’s A JEEP OFF! Got kids? How about a 4×4 addiction, then you have probably tried out your kid’s Barbie jeep. And lets be homes iof beer and friends were around, there was a race. It’s ok, you are among friends here.  

In the case of this video these guys are taking it “seriously” and have a course set and are wearing helmets for safety. Some have trouble keeping the Barbie Jeeps upright at this Jeep Off. Yes, these are grown men racing their kid’s jeeps for fun. I’m not sure what the prize is for the winner. Pride??? 

So as funny as this is, you watch over the next few years as this becomes more popular, because the obvious upgrades are more power and better suspension. Either of these will give a wanna be Barbie JEEP OFF champion a huge advantage and make them kin for a year. 

What do you think? Would you race a Barbie Jeep and If so what mods would you add to be more competitive? Or should there be rules that it has to be “stock”pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif

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