Truck Bursts Into Flames in a Tug Of War Between a Dodge and a Chevy

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Dodge versus Chevy tug-of-war goes bad for the Chevy.. This lifted Dodge truck absolutely destroys the Chevy the extent that the Chevy actually catches fire and needs to be extinguished.

in this tug-of-war the Dodge truck is clearly the winner over the Chevy truck. You can see from the beginning of the pull that the Dodge has the edge.

But it really becomes interesting when the audience starts yelling fire fire fire and you see the flames come out from underneath the Chevy.

The copilot of the Chevy reacts quickly and smoothly with a fire extinguisher dousing the flames before anybody can get hurt, but I can’t say the same for the truck.

I love watching jacked up Chevy trucks in tug-of-war’s but in this case this one met its match.

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