It crunched the front driver area to a point that “seriously compromised the driver’s survival space,”

This is really disappointing results for Ford’s F 150 extended cab in its recent crash tests conducted by the insurance Institute for Highway safety. They sent the truck at 40 mph into a 5 foot rigid barrier which is supposed to simulate a front end collision. In this case the driver’s area was “seriously compromised the driver survival space” the IIHS said in its report.

What consumers may find confusing is that the crew cab F150 earned a top safety pick award. Ford added structural elements to the crew cab’s front frame. They did not do the same for the extended. Four did say that it plans to update its 2016 models with extra steel to help deflect energy in case of a crash.

The F-150 is Ford’s most profitable and best-selling model of pickup in the US. In the F1 50s are the first mass-market aluminum vehicle in the US.

The mediocre results apply only to the lower-selling extended cab version A crash test of Ford’s new all-aluminum, F-150 extended cab model didn’t turn out well, according to results published by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

See the results for your self!

Source: Crash Test Results a Blow to Ford’s New Aluminum F-150 | TIME

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