Is This The Biggest ATV In The World?

Biggest ATV

We’ve been watching giang trucks, jeeps and even the occasional car with huge tires slog their way through mud pits and bounty holes. A new trend in the “bigger is better” vehicle category is to modify ATVs to be taller and have larger tires. 

Here is “The Worlds Largest ATV” – I think he means height, because there are others with larger tires – making a deep mud hole look easy. With it’s height and deep chassis, it looks like he can just troll his wheels too the bottom and keep a nice steady pace to make it through. 

This is a Can Am Outlander 800 built with Gorilla Axle parts. The Can Am sits on 32 inch Silverback Tires mounted on ITP wheels. Between the lift height and traction with this wheel set up this should be an easy challenge for the quad. 


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