Insane Race! BIGFOOT vs JETCAR Sub 4 Sec Winning Time!

big foot vs

Oh, WOW! This is crazy. The famous Bigfoot Monster Truck, The one that started the monster truck craze many years ago races a jet powered dragster called “Terminal Velocity”. The wheelie Bigfoot pulls goes to show how much power he has under the hood. Watch the video to see how the race turns out. 

While normally Bigfoot would be crushing cars or splashing it’s way through a giant mid pit, this is a fun outing for his driver. We’ve all seen how well BF can crush cars, I am sure you will be impressed how quickly it gets moving on this track. But in the end, it just isn’t fast enough to overcome the massive power of the jet dragster. 

Of note, if you start the video at it’s beginning, you can see Bigfoot drag against another monster truck. 


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