Insane Front Flip Crash!!

Front Flip Crash FI

Do you go crazy over insane stunts offroad? Then you are on the perfect website! The sun is up and the road is just right for some flips. Here in this video, you will find an orange ATV with an amazing driver! Prepare to be entertained by a short video that will drop your jaw. This was held at a NEZ-Championship in Skien, Norway.

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At the beginning of this video, you will see two ATVs circling around the dirt. One is white and the other one is orange. Then it’s the orange ATV turn to go at it. It makes a run for it and you can definitely tell that it’s fast enough to reach the top. Can you imagine what it would be like going at that speed and at that height? But if you’re driving the vehicle, you should close your eyes! You have to watch the road and have total control over the steering wheel in order to make it to the ledge.

Once it hits the ramp, the orange ATV does an incredibly insane front flip but crashes. The impact of the crash is undeniably strong. Even with the steel bars around the top, the crash will still absolutely shake you. This kind of sport is very dangerous because you have to consider some elements of nature and as well as your man-made machine. Once the ATV hit the ground, the people nearest to the vehicle rushes toward the driver down. They, themselves, are in awe.

The driver goes out of the orange ATV and walks down the hill. Once he reaches the bottom, one person interviewed him about what happened. The driver says that when he saw the ground straight in front of him,, he realized that the crash wouldn’t be pretty. He is wearing a helmet and complete gear for safety reasons. Watching this video is great way to kill time!

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