Imagine All The Off Road Possibilities With These Tires!!

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Off road and on road escapades are reminiscent with rough roads, sandy terrain, snow covered trails and even rugged surfaces. A tire that suits all these conditions has to be absolutely good and reliable. That’s exactly what you get from the new BFGoodrich all-terrain T/A KO2. Watch the following video for a close up demonstration of the capabilities of this unbelievable creation.

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No tarmac? No problem.

These tires are as good on the road as they are off road. They feature some of the best attributes we have seen in all terrain tires in recent times. Take for instance the Coregard Technology used on these products. The result is a very tough sidewall rubber that is thick enough to withstand split failure.

I couldn’t help but marvel at the advanced deflective design on this tire. At 1.05, the tire comes against a very sharp piece of rock and bends beautifully around it. The manufacturers must have spent countless hours to come up with such a mind-blowing design.

Severe gravel has extreme effects on KO tread, but not on this KO2 design. Just look at the glaring difference of the treads after 1000 miles on gravel. The KO2 is clearly better when it comes to tread rubber and that’s why it retains most of its features even after traveling on rough surfaces for thousands of miles.

When it comes to slippery terrain such as mud and snow, these tires still produce superior performance. The mud phobic bars are some of the major weapons as no flakes of mud can stick to these tires. The bars also raise the traction of the tires a notch higher.

Your trips during snowy weather just got better. These tires will enable your vehicle to have awesome traction, whether you are going downhill or uphill.

Can you ask for more? The new BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires rock! These tires give you the freedom to tour any part of the country and keep you happy all the way.


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