Huge Truck Jump at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Truck Jump Sand Dunes FI

It’s a sunny day at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and from the looks of this video, the temperature is definitely scorching hot. When life gives you sand dunes, what do you do with it? Spend a whole day riding up and down the terrains with a pickup truck, that’s what you do with it! Even when the temperatures are rising, the crowd is enjoying the heart-pumping activities and events here.

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At the beginning of the video, you’ll find an orange Chevy pickup truck with a “01” decal on its doors. It has black tires that look like spikes. To better cling on to the sand dunes, I suppose.  It has a better ground clearance. Its engine is roaring and you can tell that it must be a very strong truck. The driver is male while his passenger is female. Both are wearing sunglasses to prevent them from squinting their eyes out. People around the area are taking their cellphones and cameras out to document the events happening.

At the top of the terrain, the huge truck jumps! It’s up on the air for like three seconds! What an incredible jump! The female passenger who is in a neon green tank top makes a peace sign after her trip. She looks like she loved the ride!

The orange pickup truck makes a go at it again! But this time the same driver is with a different passenger, a male one. The passenger wears goggles to prevent sand from going inside his eyes. He holds on to a metal tube, bracing himself for the jump. Again, it makes the jump and at a whopping three seconds in the air! It goes so fast down the sand dunes. You could see other ATVs around the area that look like they’re waiting for their turn at jumping.

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