Huge Crash and Flip at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Crash Flip Sand Dunes FI

Are you looking for a spark of flipping action? All you need to do is take part in a gymnastic contest, play the lead role in an action movie or speed down the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in your truck. Or you can watch this awesome video.

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In this clip, a chap and co-driver are trying not to kill themselves by buzzing on the sandy track. Little do they know what’s in store for them. Watch the following video for the maddest crash of an off-road vehicle on the breathtaking sand dunes of Silver Lake.

The truck is on a rollercoaster as it blazes down the 20 degrees slope. As it draws nearer and the sound of its engine grows, the spectators get to their feet and cover their heads from the gushing wind, their eyes fixed on the oncoming machine. They form a line and the video guy takes a vantage position in the background.

And then abruptly, they are not enjoying the action.

Due to the high momentum, the truck gets a thunderous and well-timed flip upon hitting the huge mound of sand. Nose first, it comes tumbling down and bites the thick sand. The spectators rush to the crash spot. They look at the couple who are still struggling to untangle themselves from the truck, which is now upside-down.

The occupants laugh reassuringly as the spectators help them out of the truck -at least there are no injuries-but they still have to tow the machine away.

What an unexpected and fast ending to this bashing of the sand.

Both occupants must have been born under a lucky star– they walk away uninjured and are very gracious in defeat. After all, this is the true mark of sportsmanship. It’s all about having fun in the expansive desert where there’s always a chance of challenging the supremacy of sand dunes some other day.

As the blue sky and the unending sand dunes wonderfully illuminate the desert view, I wonder if the couple will ever return to charge the crowd with their moves.

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