Ultimate Mechanical Dynamometer: Chevy V8 On A Redneck Dyno!

how much does it cost to rebuild a motor

how much does it cost to rebuild a motor

Here are two guys who start and run a V8 Motor on an engine mount! Is this the Ultimate Mechanical Dynamometer

So what do you think? Is it safe? These guys are doing some makeshift engine dyno testing on their own. 

If you just want to run your motor for a bit and don’t have the car ready – you know, why not. 

These two guys set up their V8 on a motor stand and for safety they have extra straps holding it all in place. 

Who needs a motor mount? 

Obviously these guys are not going to buy dyno machine.



you might be wondering, how much does it cost to rebuild the motor? And the answer varies of course, by what kind of motor parts and what kind of auto mechanics you use to build it. Like these guys you could avoid the auto repair shops and build it in your backyard. Your automotive repair skills should be at least good enough to be able to rebuild the engine, follow directions and know when to call an expert.


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