Suburban Mud Truck FI

Sour Lake Mud Farm! Giant Big Block Suburban! And a crash! Let’s watch:

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This powerful beast starts out by, of course, revving up its engine into life, thinking forward and planning out its course of action. It weighs all the possibilities you get with operating a truck this big and this hulky. I personally don’t think this run will go as smoothly as planned (it’s in the title, after all) but the driver might surprise still, somehow–who knows? Anyway, let’s begin watching this Big Block Suburban getting it on in legendary Sour Lake Mud Farm!

First it takes off the tiny hill it was parked upon and takes off, teasing the the mud with its disgustingly big wheels and engine. The driver must stay focused in times like these, weighing in the differing course and how the truck handles it; a lot of expertise is needed for a run like this to stay successful. We continue the video at the actual muddy waters and see how our Big Block handles it, which it does beautifully at first, but as we later see it’s really not that simple for the driver. He just drove into a malignant or maybe just impassive pile of mud and jammed inside it, sadly stopping the run and the great action we’ve been getting so far.

By the end of the video not only have we learned valuable lessons on steering and course planning, but we get to gaze at the poor mishandled Big Block and see the twisted wheels and melancholy look of the vehicle.

It’s a great, big ride, though. It’ll be fine. And I’m certain the driver, whomever he is, will take better care of it in the future, and maybe even succeed at this course later on.

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