Freestyling In The Mud

Freestyling In The Mud FI

Here in this cool video, two trucks are freestyling in not just plain mud but with some crazy and wet humps and bumps and terrains along the way. The blue Chevy pickup truck goes in circles and up in the air! The yellow one also did some amazing twists and turns.

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You can really tell that both their engines are super powerful because of the sounds they emit and because of the speed that they’re going. There’s also a lot of smoke as you can hear that both drivers are increasing their RPM. The blue and yellow trucks are doing an impressive job! And it looks like they are having a blast!

Both trucks take their turns on the mini-obstacles in the mud. The bodies and wheels of their trucks are covered in dry and wet dirt but they just don’t care! They keep on circling the muddy area and displaying their awesome steering and driving skills. Watching the video will give you the adrenaline fix you crave but not as the same amount of adrenaline that these two drivers must had been experiencing. Alternately, they go up and down the mini-obstacles in their way and zoomed with such power and art over and over again.

There’s just dirt everywhere! There is mud at the back, side, under and on top of their trucks, as well as on their speakers! It would really take an army of pressure and power washers to take off the debris out of their windshields and chassis. As their wheels turn, debris rocket through the air like pebbles. You can also tell that the debris is hard solid because the trucks’ wheels are having a hard time propelling through the whole area. The longer they circle the area, the deeper and more challenging the mud goes.

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