Frame Twister Truck Tow Challenge

Truck Tow Frame Twister

In this video, you’ll find all of the contestants of the Top Truck Challenge 2015. This year’s event host is Stan Prueitt and he talks to the head judge Toby Lavender at the beginning of this video. Toby explains that they inspect all of the contestants’ vehicles and safety measures of the drivers.

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The tow test’s objective is to get a 40,500 lbs vehicle up a 144 feet hill in a 16 degree inclination. The scoring of the competition is by distance and if you finish the course, there would be some extra points. Jason Moon in a ’91 Chevy K5 Blazer pick truck was the first one to go at it. His rear wheels are not spinning at the middle of the course so he just finishes up at 100 ft. and 10 in.

It is Jeremy Brown’s turn in a ’72 Chevy Blazer pickup truck and during his plight, he and his co-driver experiences some bouncing. He finishes at 77 ft. and 2 in. The next competitor is Mike Jaskolski in a ’76 Chevy Blazer pickup truck. He’s into a smooth start and he finishes with 105 ft. and 5 in.!

Next up is Eric Kam in a ’85 Chevy K2500 pickup truck. He’s got a slight stumble in the beginning but now he’s onto it! He changes gear and boy that was a bad mistake! He just finishes with 99 ft. and 10 in. The next competitor is Kimberly Gray in a ’75 GMC pickup truck. She starts gently and then hits it hard just before the inclined plane and finishes with 95 ft. and 5 in.

Next up is Ryan Agan in a ’83 Chevy K10 pickup truck and finishes up with 88 ft. and 7 in. Next up is Dan Osterhout in a ’70 GMC Jimmy pickup truck. He finishes with 98 ft. and 10 in. Next up is Adam Furlong in a ’79 International Scout II pickup truck and finishes up at 108 ft. 5 in. Next up is Jake Brazier in an ’86 Toyota pickup truck and finishes up at only 3 ft. Next up is Christopher Bowman in an ’88 GMC Jimmy pickup truck but just finishes up at 96 ft. and 7 in.

On the Frame Twister Challenge, the contestants must finish the whole course in just 20 minutes and if one of the tires go out of bounds, the driver is disqualified. It is called the Frame Twister because it can definitely twist your frames! You start with the logs and then hit the pile like concrete and after that some pipes that are mixed with tires. When wet, these tires are so slippery. The contestants make a go at each of the obstacles and their scores are as follows: Kam with 1:59, Gray 5:25, Bowman 7:26, Agan 7:37, Brown with 9:44 and Jaskolski with 15:20. That was a crazy event!

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