FORD vs. CHEVY Race In The Mud!

 Ford trucks vs Chevy Trucks

Ford trucks vs Chevy Trucks

Ford trucks vs Chevy Trucks, two competitors climbing up a steep mountain, each to his own, eyes always on the prize. You can’t beat this type of action, you just can’t see this anywhere else. That’s right: we’re talking about a battle of wits, if wits was actually brute force and maneuverability!

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Two heavy cars igniting, pumping fuel into a static car just to hear that fearsome growl of the engine, and getting it on with the full force of Ford and Chevrolet behind them! Let’s watch the development, see who wins, and enjoy ourselves.

The two heavy-hitters, ford vs chevy, begin the round with that familiar roar; they both race on top of the thick mud-ridden floors and seem to not even care, amazing how powerful a vehicle is these days to accelerate so quickly through tough terrain.

We see the Chevy plow through the mud by 0:10, really pushing it out of its way with violence only this prime car of prime men can deliver. It’s beginning to look clear as daylight and the winner is already peaking at that trophy with greed. Let’s see where this develops folks!

And our representative from Ford is STUCK! Unbelievable that it would span out like this, helplessly jammed inside acres of brown, maybe even in pain to see the Chevy destroy the race as it just did. Through multiple shots at igniting, the engine is still unable to thrust the car out of its hazel captor, the car-eating mud that’s crushed quite a bit of drivers in the past.

You might be wondering which is better ford or chevy trucks so just watch. 

The video ends with maybe a bleak picture of our poor Ford trying to ignite, but unable to do so no matter how hard the car growls. Truly a lion defeated folks, and to tell you the truth, I hope he gets his due someday over Chevrolet. Who knows!

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