Ford Truck Hits the Deep Mud!!

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When mud bogging in monster trucks, you cannot predict what is gonna happen the next minute. In as much as we have some of the most powerful vehicles to grace the face of the earth ever, we don’t normally have 8-feet deep trenches of sludge. This nerve-racking video is a clear reminder that in life, what matters most is how strongly you finish.

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Watch the crazy ford truck wreck the deep mud at the bounty hole at Mardi Gras 2014. However, this is not before other trucks try to cross the pit without success.

There’s something about this mud. It seems that no monster trucks have met this kind of mud before. Most of them have chosen to use a trial and error approach to see if they will pass through the valley of sticky mud.

Damn that mad is so bad! It’s like that Camino has already decided that it isn’t going anywhere. It moves slowly into the mud and eventually stops. Only two wheels are spinning now. I’ve never seen a truck overcome even the lightest sloth with only two wheels spinning, so this is only a ploy for the truck not to face the deepest part of the mud. Now the truck is trapped. Luckily, a rope is still tied to the rear axle and the bulldozers help.

No other trucks fair better either. Some of them have huge tires and their nitros are powerful. Nevertheless, they don’t even make it halfway. As fate would have it, the best comes last. It’s a red Ford. What does it have in store?

You know that something marvelous is about to happen, when that track starts to play. Or is it the confidence with which the monster approaches the trench?

When it’s flagged off, the Ford hits the mud like a headless chicken and like a bullet, blazes past the mud. Spectators scamper to safety while they cheer the best act of the day. Those that had their cameras ready just captured a world-class performance.

We hope this video has reminded you something. It’s not over until it’s over.

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