The Newest Ford Raptor And Some Ford Raptor Mishaps

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Ford Raptor

Click on this video to see how a driver jumps his Ford Raptor truck and totally misses the landing. For a normal car, such a jump could be devastating, laying waste to the suspensions, wheels and probably the entire frame. However, this is what pickups like these are built for – to suffer pain (figuratively of course). So what do you think will happen to this Raptor when the driver hits the pedal to 60 mph, jumps 90 feet distance, overshoots the landing by a huge margin and hits the ground hard? Well, you don’t have to guess, the video is right above.

Before you wonder what makes this particular jump impressive, we would like to shed some light on the machine you are looking at. This previous version of Raptor has Fox Racing Shox internal bypass shocks with external reservoirs which allows for 11″ of suspension travel in front, and 12″ in the rear. What this technical bit of information means is that, it is pretty darn difficult to bottom out a Raptor. The standard 35″ BFGoodrich All Terrain tires are designed for all types of terrain and sustain heavy loading and shocks.

Everything is all good in theory, but how does the vehicle perform on the rough terrain out there the real world? Could all the beefy suspension and strong steel-body design protect the pickup at the end of this 90 feet jump? Why don’t you click and see it for yourself!!




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