Ford Versus Ford Pickup Truck Tug-O War

Ford Pick-up Truck Pull FI

Another Tug of War, only this time it ends a bit differently. There’s no winner or loser per se, simply because one of the cars decides it’s time to stir things up in the middle of our heated match.

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Both vehicles are quite the horse-power-abusers, while still being a semi-safe family car, but I wouldn’t let my wife and kids sit inside this raging beast while I pulled another raging beast nonetheless.

Either way, even if it’s not ideal to have your family inside while you race with another heavy-hitter, what’s done is done, and what’s done is fun to watch, so let’s get to it!

A real crowd gathered just to see how these two Fords tear each other apart. The left one pulls harder, and the crowd’s ready for a humiliating defeat, a second into this would be match. But surprise, surprise, one of the cars breaks down in the middle of the fight, and we’re left standing in anticipation to who the winner might be. Although, it’s not that much of a brain teaser. The left one really had something going there, and it really was visible how his truck was just a better equipped speed demon than its competitor.

This is not to say this couldn’t have been a fair fight, but it does hint at how the right car owner handles his baby. Maybe he went into one too many of these fights; maybe that’s why it broke down during a match, disappointing everyone, including YouTube viewers such as ourselves? We’ll probably never know, but this leaves us with an important lesson: treat your car well, and treat your family better. Maybe this guy was just being a jerk to his mother-in-law and she decided to play a little prank on his engine before the kick-off. Seems like it could happen.

Hope next Tug of War goes more smoothly, especially for the trucks involved!

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