Ford Crumbles Big Block Chevy FI

Manufacturers of Chevy and Ford trucks have been arguing for many decades about who makes the best machines. We may have just found an answer to this lingering question in the form of the powerful Chevy tearing apart the contents of the puddle and leaving the Ford truck for the dead.

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The Ford takes to the mud hole first and sprints across with conviction. After a few seconds, the Chevy follows suit and we expect some measure of competition as usual. The Ford in front and the Chevy following, the two heavily built trucks do what they know best-muddling madly and covering themselves with the thick paste.

After some time, the Chevy can be seen closing in on the Ford, which seems to have stuck in the mud. Is this a strategy or is the machine fearful of the challenge the big block Chevy has mounted so far? Seeing the Chevy approaching, the Ford tries to clear the way, but at exactly 3:49, the unthinkable happens! The Ford crumbles, right in front of its longtime nemesis.

Is there a more embarrassing way to sink to your lowest and dirtiest? Now, is Ford to blame for the truck’s driver failure to use good engineering skills to avoid such embarrassment? No, but Chevy fans will still have a chuckle or several at the mayhem that has befallen Ford today.

Since the Ford is still kneeling in submission, the Chevy decides to find an alternative route. Using the little remaining space at the edge of the pool, it gladly glides past the Ford with a “this is so simple for me” attitude.

More embarrassment awaits the defeated buggy as the towing truck is waiting on the sidelines. This latest fiasco makes it hard to believe that Chevy has ever backed out of a challenge from Ford. This is definitely not the end of these match-ups, but Chevy has its head high today.

As the video winds up, it is clear that this year’s Louisiana Mudfest really punished the Ford while handing the bragging rights to the Chevy.

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