Ford Bronco FINALLY Makes It Over The Massive Tube Obstacle!

Talk about effort! He tries a bunch of times and starts off really unsure if he should go any harder.

The monster that is Ford Bronco finally stands to a test truthful to its fearsome nature. A giant…well, that’s an understatement. Forgive me. A DEMON mountain of rocks and led, one that weaker people might not dare look at for fear of receiving a headbutt from the screen, is what the legend that is Ford Bronco and its fierce driver have to face. It’s going to be a challenge you wouldn’t want to miss, the stakes higher than a divorce case.
Nine super tubes stack into Mt. Demon, and Ford Bronco just ain’t afraid of what they have to tell it. Here we go.

Ladies and men: everyone tense, cameras drawn and hearts thumpin’. This is not what I signed up for might be what the driver’s thinking, but he’s not willing to back down now. Testing, testing, he’s up on that slope, just feeling the terrain, trying it for himself. Oh, it’s hard. It’s real. It’s a DEMON, and he has to tame it, and his weapon is the one and only, the only true vehicle to ever exist: You guessed it, the FORD BRONCO! I applaud this car, this metallic willpower machine for agreeing to attempt what might seem impossible to lesser men.
And there they go. The crowd cheers, wallops, gasps, maybe even cries. It’s amazing. It’s captivating. The ford is edging, closer and closer, so close it hurts and…IT’S THERE! IT MADE IT!

The entire formation of people hurl themselves into the right side of the action, having the Ford Bronco on the left side of the would-be mountain, satisfied and on the way down. The tubes inside Mt. Demon look like plastic now for some reason.
Several men attempted the impossible; only few succeeded. Check out the videos below, and prepare to be impressed. Ford Bronco won this round, ladies and gentlemen, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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