Tractor vs Truck FI

Looking for a fun way to spend your afternoon? Watch a video of a small Kubota farm tractor and a Mitsubishi pickup truck drag racing! Drag racing is an adrenaline-packed sport which apparently include tractors, nowadays.

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In this video, the Kubota farm tractor has a GS 12N 1-3B battery and two wheels. Let’s find out if the tractor has a chance! At the beginning of the video, the Kubota farm tractor is featured. You can hear the tractor’s not-so-bad engine but you can’t help but laugh at the thought that it would take on a full-sized Mitsubishi pickup truck! The tiny tractor has a steering wheel, yellow mags, fan belts, horn, small wheels, Kubota engine, muffler and a gas tank. All the things that you need in order to drag race, right? It doesn’t even have a driver’s seat! The driver has to stay standing up all throughout maneuvering the tractor. He must feel like a Roman general riding a chariot so many years ago while leading his men to battle!

The Mitsubishi pickup truck is a gray powerful vehicle with tinted windows and yellow mags. You can hear its powerful engine roaring upon just starting up. Great graphics are strewn across the back windows.

On the Kubota farm tractor, 3 slender-looking and tan-skinned guys are helping one each other upon starting the engine. The driver is wearing a helmet for safety reasons. But it’s not safe at all! He has no other safety equipment at all! This driver is so brave! The other two guys help with lifting the steering wheel. One guy has to hold the back of the tractor to sustain it and prevent the tractor from zooming off accidentally. When the race starts, the Kubota tractor has more than a meter lead than the Mitsubishi pickup truck! The small farm tractor wins the race! What an incredible ending!

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