Extreme Rockcrawling Championship

Nordic Rock Crawling FI

Do you love rocks? Do you love extreme sports? Then you are in for a treat of the year from the following sizzling video. We go back to 2009 during the Nordic Rock Crawling Championship that happens in Sweden.

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These drivers deserve a standing ovation for the class they show on this punishing terrain. The buggies also deserve accolades for crawling over those obstacles with the stealth of a tiger. Yes, the machines don’t speed; it’s a crawling competition.

A noticeable design on the vehicles is the steering system that enables the drivers to do all manner of crazy things, including powering one side of the vehicle while the other one is on lock. The machines can roll like a log and go over obstacles of all sizes and shapes.

The rocky course resembles the terrain found in Sinai or Moab. It is designed to make the driver make mistakes. Each of the drivers has to navigate through the rough and winding terrain, and make as few mistakes as possible. Otherwise, they will garner points and lose!

As seen in this video, crawling helps the driver to know where to place the tires and how to approach an obstacle. Obstacles include huge boulders, cliffs and valleys that can swallow most cars. These are areas where a sane driver wouldn’t even think of nearing.

Sometimes, the competitors have to stop in their tracks or even retreat. It is also not rare for them to play dead when they lose their balance.

Apart from the wins, there are embarrassing moments in there as well. If you ask me, these flops all look like valuable parts of the action. For example, the machine that toppled at around 2:05 offered the spectators a valuable opportunity to appreciate the powerful axles and suspensions.

Great respect to the Suzuki and the rest of the little buddies. They offer very formidable performances against the rest of the machines. Surprisingly, they seem to do better than the more customized buggies on certain parts of the stretch.

Did you enjoy the 10-minute extreme display at the boulders? Look out for our next video about this hobby.

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