Extreme Offroad Trucks: The Magirus-Deutz

Magiruz-Deutz Offroad Trucks FI

This time we’ve got a treat for you, ladies and gents! The Magirus-Deutz Truck, Offroad and 4×4, a REAL Extreme Vehicle! Just clearing up some dust from the ground, you see it at the start of this video and you wouldn’t know how special it really is. This beast–no, this demon of power is an older model that could probably outdo most of the newer trucks today. It doesn’t even notice any type of weather: snow only makes it run tougher, fire blazes it into faster speeds and dirt, well, dirt is just what it makes out of anything in it’s way. I couldn’t tell you how much of a privilege it is to own one of these monsters, one of these vintage fighters from an unalike world.

See how it plows through water like it was flimsy corn in a dead field? It’s flooded; it’s completely in there, water coming out and in everything, yet it still goes on, the opposite of dreary with its invigorating paintjob and classic design. This beast, if needed to compare, would be the hippo of the mobile world: bulky, burly and filled with raw dominance. This is Man, captured in a vehicle; this is a baseball bat in a person’s face, made into a motor.

It’s too bad these classic designs aren’t around anymore. I couldn’t imagine a world without them entirely, but than again, if you would’ve told me people stopped driving these types of motors ten years ago, I would’ve laughed you off to be a loon. Now they’re beginning to disperse, slowly replaced by newer, robot-like models that make your toast as well as drive you around. Not that that’s a bad thing…I love toast.

Yup, the Magirus-Deutz is a legend truck. And legend trucks are never forgotten. Live on, Magirus-Deutz!

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