Extreme Chainlink 4×4

Chainlink Extreme FI

In this video, one driver of an extreme chainlink truck’s trying to go uphill. But not just a hill. It’s a hill of rocks of all sizes! What does an extreme chainlink 4X4 truck do? It goes over these trucks like it was made exactly for these kinds of hills!

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No matter what size the boulders are, the truck surpasses them with ease. The suspensions of the truck were made to do some rock crawling! Just place some articulating axle strategies combined with suspensions and boom! You got yourself a mean rock crawling machine!

The wheels are big so that the chassis don’t get in touch with the rocks from underneath. In the middle of this video, the truck climbed the rock hill in a slowly but surely manner. But, as it almost reaches the top, it got stuck for a while. With just some tweaks, the extreme chainlink 4X4 truck is able to overcome the challenge.

Finally, it reaches the top but just to see another set of obstacles downhill. Did the truck fail to run through the rocks downwards? No way! Its amazing tires and suspensions moved through each rock without tumbling down or stopping. The ground and sky is dry but you can definitely tell that even if it’s raining, this truck can get the job done.

As the video’s coming to an end, the extreme chainlink 4X4 truck comes across with a humongous rock, but, amazingly, the suspension stretches out! There’s no obstacle that this extreme chainlink 4X4 truck can’t do! The suspensions stretch and retract according to your needs! What an amazing vehicle to drive with when you’re traveling.

If you need an adventure fix, this truck will do the trick. If you’re a speed junkie, well, this extreme chainlink 4X4 truck is not for you. It goes through mini-obstacles slowly but you can never go wrong with it.

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