Ever Seen a Limo in a Tug of War?


Tugs of war are usually synonymous with rigs such as Dodge, Ford, Chevy and the rest. However, it’s an interesting twist because for once we have a Redneck limo monster on the show. Definitely, this is not your usual kind of tug of war. Check out the following video for this exhilarating action involving this tall, long and amazing creature.

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It seems like everybody’s blood is flowing furiously from the mere look of the machines. Sometimes, you can easily predict who is going to take the prize home by just looking at the builds.

However, what about when one of the contenders is an insane limo? A paycheck can really make Rednecks do incredible things, including turning a nice white limo into a gigantic animal.

This vehicle is definitely one of the most interesting builds we have seen in recent years. Its power is absolutely out of this world. Is there anybody ready to take on this custom-built rig? You need to have so many guts to take on a monster like that!

Every truck gets an opportunity to display its prowess on the concrete surface against the others. They come in all shapes, including a super powerful red Dodge.

After several rounds, it’s time for the Redneck limo to go head-to-head with the red Dodge Ram 4500 truck. The Dodge has floored everyone it has come against today, as has the limo, so this is bound to be a mouthwatering encounter.

The two monsters stand on the surface, their engines revving, ready to rip each other apart. First round, the limo drags the Dodge like a sack of grains. One-nil!

Not one to give up easily, the Dodge demands for a rematch, and the limo confidently obliges. Second round, same results -the Dodge gets a thorough battling.

To help save the face of the Dodge, the referee calls for reinforcement. About ten dudes are asked to step on the back of the Dodge and with the increased traction, tables are turned. The Dodge gets a taste of victory! The Redneck limo goes home with the honors though.

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