Dodge Truck Destroys Everything In Its Path

Dodge Cummins FI
Dodge Truck Destroys Everything in Its Path

If you have never witnessed a lone monster truck damage the natural environment, then sit back and enjoy. This incredible dodge truck must be readying itself for the apocalypse.

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The chassis, body and suspensions of the beast have been heavily modified, making it look like a walking tower. If you thought you have seen enough, wait until the machine makes its move.

I have attended many mud bogging adventures, but what happens in this video is still beyond my imagination.

As the truck approaches the mud, the engine stokes and the driver looks a bit apprehensive. It’s now or never, the driver must crush the obstacles and guide the huge tires into the thick paste of mud.

Even if the thickets stand their ground for a moment, the driver is not ready to quit the game so fast. With two sure jabs, the dodge truck brings down the first opponent.

It is a show of might as the truck shoves the bushes to the ground and heads straight to the brown puddle. I will be honest with you; I have never witnessed such ease and confidence in the demolition of gooey mud.

In slow steady steps of a chameleon, the gigantic truck slithers through the mud displaying its endowments like a belly dancer. As you watch the video, you may think for sure that a hydro-lock is going to happen, but the dodge truck makes the trip to finish line with relative ease. Battles of man and machine against the power of nature are usually one-sided and predictable.

In this case, it is a fight of engine horsepower against cohesive and adhesive forces of Mother Nature. The dodge truck wins over a rugged and unforgiving terrain easily in a victory that is so clear that you can see a brand new track on both sides of the swamp.

As the victor goes back to the stands, all one is left to wonder is how many more opponents the truck is going to drub in such an impressive and almost humiliating manner.

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