6×6 Dodge Ram Takes On Top Truck Challenge!


Prepare yourselves for bigger challenges,

A six wheel Dodge truck called T-Rex, which if produced by Dodge could have been called the Dodge Ram Viper, just to keep consistent. This clip is from the preparation part of the Top Truck challenge from 2010. The driver takes his “Dodge Ram Viper” 6 wheel Dodge truck through some of the obstacles. This may be the best Dodge truck for something like this because six wheels is so much more capable that four on a course like this. 

There is a mini-Rubicon course set to really challenge the trucks to include some home that are as deep as a man is high. The 6×6 doesn’t go through the Rubicon part of the course in this video, I guess leaving this to the pros. 

I was fascinated watching the 6×6 cross the obstacles as its suspension articulates and absorbs the terrain like no 4×4 can. 


Dodge Ram Truck Challenge
In 1997, Dodge decided to flex its muscles for once and show the world the beast in its core. What came out was a monster from the prehistoric era – a T-Rex. The Dodge Ram T-Rex was a concept truck designed by Dodge, which never saw production. But, people had seen enough to spend the next couple of decades hoping, and even fantasizing, the vehicle’s possible arrival at their nearest Ram trucks dealers. And why not? Anyone who saw this beauty on display at the auto shows, would easily fall in love with it.
T-Rex had a six wheel drive tandem axle, which was complemented by an intelligent, adaptive air-suspension system controlled by a computer for providing maximum traction, handling and comfort. The truck was designed with one purpose and one purpose only – out-do all vehicles in its class in such a way that none of them even come close to its capabilities. It was an amazing feat of engineering and a sure winner. But Dodge never went ahead with the production. This doesn’t mean that the hardcore fans, who were already smitten by the vehicle, were going to sit back and brood. Guess, what they did? They built their own version of the freaking T-Rex, and named it USA 6X6 T-Rex Ram Truck.

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Stan Prueitt was a Dodge Ram lover Los Alamos, New Mexico, who fell in love with T-Rex, the moment he saw the concept. He wrote to Dodge to check when the vehicle would be released. At the time, Dodge was not sure whether the vehicle would make enough sales, and they had decided to postpone the production until 2003, to see if the demand for the truck picks up. Stan wasn’t the kind of person to wait so long for it. He decided to build his own version of T-Rex. During his hunt for parts, he met the military surplus dealer, Daniel Little, who decided to assist Stan in realizing his dream.
The result of their combined efforts is stunning, as can be seen in the video below. Dodge themselves couldn’t have done it better than these geniuses. The highly maneuverable Dodge 6X6 in the video can be seen making its way over the obstacles in a superbly graceful fashion. Three 2.5 ton Rockwell military axles supporting this monster can make the Dana versions look like toys. The engine is a high-output 8-liter Magnum V-10 engine, which can churn out an estimated 500 horsepower and 600 ft-lb of torque.
If you are buying Dodge trucks’ latest models, their price can be anywhere between $25,000 to 35,000 depending on the trim levels. However, this custom built Dodge Truck’s price can be roughly $35,000 and gives the best-in-class performance. Since the USA 6X6 T-Rex Ram Truck is built on a 1995 Dodge Ram, it is a great bargain, when compared to the latest Dodge Ram Truck prices.
The best part of the truck is that it costs roughly $12,000 for complete customization. So, any lower trim Dodge Ram, with an extra $12,000, can be transformed into something that even the top trim Rams cannot match. Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself in the video below. See for yourself, how this 6X6 puts the best of the best to shame with its display of absolute control, precision, and high maneuverability.

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