Dodge Ram Cummins Takes On A Land Rover Defender 90 – Britain VS America!

Dodge Ram Cummins Takes On A Land Rover Defender 90

This video might serve as a lesson to those who believe that “only size matters”. Don’t believe me? Click on the video and see for yourself how the Land Rovers kicks Dodge’s butt many times in a row.

There is no dearth of people trying to show off their vehicles in one way or the other. Some are crazy

about the beauty of their cars, while some like to flaunt their speed. Beyond these silly people, there is a

group, whose sole purpose of owning a vehicle is to have a powerful and formidable beast at their

disposal. Dodge Rams are among such cars.

Going by the size of a Dodge Ram Cummins, it might seem like an obvious choice when you are asked –

who do you think is more powerful, a Dodge Ram or Land Rover Defender 90? But hold your horses.

Something tells me that this video might surprise you in many ways. In this video, a Dodge Ram 5.9 L

Cummins engages the British made 300 tdi Land Rover Defender 90. Just to help you understand what the

two names mean, we will discuss them briefly.

The Dodge Ram in the video sports a 5.9L 24v Cummins ISB engine. The engine was first used in the 1998

Dodge models and was designed as a replacement to the 12 valve version of the 5.9L Cummins ISB. This

24 valve engine was in production as far as 2007. The ISB in the engine name stands for Interact System,

B Series, which basically means that the engine’s injection system was electronically controlled and was

part of Cummins B-Series engine line. The earlier models of the engine produced 235hp, but the later

models produced as high as 325hp of power, with 600 pound-feet of torque at 1600 rpm. There is no

doubt that a Dodge Ram fitted with one of these is one mean beast.

The Land Rover Defender 90 in the video may appear quite harmless against the mighty Dodge. But,

before you jump to conclusions, let me remind you that Land Rovers are vehicles designed exclusively for

off-road use for the likes of British Army and other military buyers. That should be you clue. This particular

Defender is equipped with a 300Tdi Engine. The engine itself produces 122hp, with 210 pounds-feet of

torque on automatic transmission. This has been one of the most successful engines of Land Rover.

Cutting to the chase, the Land Rover is may seem humbles in the presence of Dodge Ram and no doubt

the numbers are stacked against the British model. But Engineering is so much more than just engine


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