Diesel vs Gas – Who’s the Better Engine?

Gas vs Diesel FI

Sun’s scorching, trucks are getting hot; the weather doesn’t care what your plans were. Two super trucks competing over the title for the better engine, a standoff that doesn’t only include these two blokes, but all diesel and all gas trucks. A real struggle, a real fight, and an awesome video. Let’s watch.

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First off we see two of them, White and Green, letting out fumes gently, maybe teasing each other. Out of nowhere, we see the wheels rotate in breathtaking agility and speed, the drivers possibly having their neck veins out with the effort they’re putting atop the elusive, little gas pedal. Diesel vs Gas, who gets the pie this time, ladies and gentlemen?

Continuing with the happenings, Green seems to take White up to its challenge, both truckers pushing at their topmost abilities, the cameraman himself having no idea where this is going. Diesel trucks have been proven to win over gas in several other demonstrations, though, gas have proven themselves more than once as well. Maybe it just comes down to the driver’s willingness and love for his vehicle, how tricked out it is to handle these stressful situation, how much raw power the engine is willing to giveaway from itself for this show of power.

The victory ribbon is closing in on White, black billows of smoke rising over both truckers, and a twist is upon us: Green takes charge and pulls White right where he belongs, taking the trophy home. Poor White goes on in one last noble attempt, trying to get Green to back down of its brutal claim to the crown of our little competition here.

Too bad, but there had to be a winner, right? It was a great run, letting us see exactly who’s the tougher power-car, and in an impressive display. Nice.

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