Crazy “Go For Broke” Toyota vs Ford. Do Not Try This At Home!

toyota truck and ford truck off road

Remember when you were a little kid and you’d take all your matchbox cars outside?  You found a nice patch of dirt (mud if you were lucky) and you would carve out some trails.  

Then you would drive all of those cars around and around.  They would get caked with mud.  Some of them would get so gunked up that they couldn’t even spin their wheels, much less navigate the terrain.

But those 4×4 pick-ups were always up to the challenge.  They sat high enough to keep the mud from mucking up the undercarriage.  They dominated the day, zipping around the rutted track like they were cruising down Main Street.  

Of course, the fun would come to an end.  Mom would tell you to come in for dinner.  She would make you wash your hands and clean up all your toys.  “Stack everything up nice,” she would say.

Well, the “Go For Broke” Mudding Team did that too.  But they did it in real life.  With Ford and Toyota beater trucks.  Tag along with the “Go For Broke” fellas, and their spectators, as they do some Redneck Mudding.  

They are out in the woods with some nice, muddy trails.  And everything that you imagine could happen, happens.  The trucks get dirty, dented, even destroyed.  

The force of the torque on the frames as the trucks twist and bump along the trail actually rips body parts in two.  But that’s just the beginning…

Remember out in the yard when one of those old-people cars, like an Olds or a Buick would get stuck in the mud?  You know what happened next.  It became target practice for all the other cars.

That happens to the “Go For Broke” Mudding Team as well.  One of the trucks breaks down, and in true Redneck Mudding fashion, the road rally turns into a demolition derby.  

At the beginning of the festivities, the driver of the still-active truck asked the driver of the broken-down target if it was ok if he took aim.  Once he answered, “yeah, have fun,” it was on.  

You have to see to believe what happens to that poor, broken-down, $400 beater.  It gets smashed eight ways from Sunday.  

But like you mom calling you in for dinner, all good things must come to and end.  The “Go For Broke” Mudding Team realizes they need to “clean up” and get that hunk of junk off the trails.  

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