CRASH COMPILATION World Championship Formula Offroad 2015! – YouTube


The most extreme crashes and rolls that you’ll ever see is in this video! It’s a crash compilation from the World Championship Formula Offroad 2015 event. People use their money and time in order to see vehicles climb vertical sand hills because it’s just that entertaining. Crashes and mistakes are what make the whole event more memorable.

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At the beginning of this video, a yellow V8 powered 4×4 buggy is climbing up a sand hill in a very inclined plane. But at 21 seconds through the video, something goes wrong and the buggy goes down, flipping sideways. It does around five side flips! And when it hits the ground, people wearing orange security vests rush through the crash. They make sure that the driver is okay. The driver of the buggy says that the whole thing didn’t go as well as he planned it and that he has to repair the vehicle.

Another buggy makes an attempt to climb the sand hills and tries to go right before going up. But then it makes a wheelie and tumbles and does a couple of back flips. People then again rushes to the scene. Another buggy makes a run for it but makes a mistake at the middle of the hill. It tumbles down and does around five flips before crashing to at the bottom of the hill. One buggy with a white body paint does the same trick of going sideways to the right before going accelerating up. It makes a run for it and was able to make it halfway but it hits a hole and goes downwards the hill. It does a couple of flips before it crashes. Another epic fail! A white 4×4 buggy with orange grill guard metal work also goes up and crashes halfway through the course. The best part of this video is at 2 minutes and 45 seconds. An orange buggy goes up the sand hill and makes it through in just five seconds but at the top of the hill, it hits a hole and does a front flip before it lands or should I say crashes. But at least he made it to the top. These guys are so brave! Even with their lives at stake, they still do it!

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