Chevy Vs Ford Tug of Wars! I was shocked at the outcome!

ford vs chevy tug o war


 The Ford vs. Chevy or Chevy vs Ford argument has gone way long in search for the best answer. More and more car enthusiast has gone crazy in knowing the answer for the best car in the world.

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All are holding their breath for the decision. This is one reason pick up truck owners have opted to try the tug-o-war to see who will come out on top.  I’m sure both Ford dealers and Chevy dealers love this kind of competition, because it must break a lot of trucks. Once someone looses, they may opt to go buy a new 2015 truck to replace the old one.

Ford has been known to have been created during the time of the rise of cars. It is good to know that the developments for their cars are noted every year. Not just in its interior but most especially in its engine. That is why more and more people love the car models of Ford. While Chevrolet or simply named as Chevy have proved that there car can really go with the trend. Their company has also come up with car models that are also in with car trends. This only shows that they can also go with the flow. These are the major reason why the match up Ford vs. Chevy is going strong.

There are so many truck models to choose from and to compete in the tug a truck competitions that one will always have an advantage, from leverage to motor or tire size. Both of these cars are close in terms of the features that they are offering. If you will be looking on the interior design of the car, the Chevy will be the winner. It is because the re-designed model was not just given a whole new look, but it has also improved its interior design. But if you will be looking into the structure, then Ford is the best. If you are looking for the best car that you can use for heavy duty work, this is the best one for you. No matter what is your preference for cars, this Ford vs. Chevy match-up is the best guide that you can follow in choosing for the best pick up truck.

And then there is the next Tug -o War ………………

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