Chevy Big Block VS. Ford Power Stroke!

CHEVY BIGBLOCK VS Ford powerstroke

When it’s Ford versus Chevy, emotions run high and as contestants use their muscles to the last one. However, I don’t know whether there’s anything more than fun for these lads. In this latest edition of the century old rivalry, a white Ford is battling for honors with a black Chevy truck. Which car do you think will take this?

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What we have here are two machines that are extremely powerful and proud too. As some of the analysts may say, weight matters in this type of a fight, not engine power. Since the Ford looks the heavier of the two, I have decided to put my money on it.

Now, I will have to make things clear before truck fanatics come for my neck. We don’t know either the weight or engine capacities of these machines. Both are looking good and healthy so it makes sense to have a good time as we watch the action.

These drivers prepare for the tug of war and another person signals the start of the fight. The Ford is doing very well as the Chevy struggles. The Chevy is producing all the noise as it tries to match the power and stamina of the Ford. Chevy’s wheels are almost coming off as they spin desperately.

Ha! I can’t help but laugh at the easy way in which this dumbass Ford is pulling the Chevy around. Even before one minute is over, the Ford is declared winner. I know some people may not like the way the truck continues to drag the Chevy even after getting the victory. However, what would you do if you manage to beat your fiercest rival? Wouldn’t you want to make it even sweeter by slapping them on the face?

It appears that the weight of the Ford brought all the difference, but the victory is well deserved. Check out the recording for yourself and give your judgement.


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