Is Chevy Better Than Ford or Ford Is Better Than Chevy

ford trucks vs chevy trucks
ford trucks vs chevy trucks 

We generally like to stay neutral in the pickup truck wars. We strongly believe that the three truck biggies – Chevy, Ford, and Dodge – are great pickup makers and extend them their share of respect. But, every once in a while we come across a video or two that completely shakes our faith in this whole neutrality thing. This time, we bring to you one such situation. Before we start, we must warn you that this is pickup war in its raw form, and war it is. It may not even be fair. But, like the cliché – nothing is fair in war. So get ready to enjoy some raw moments in pickup war history.

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Also, did we mention humiliation? Each of the three videos here has a pair of pickups fighting it out for a place to be the most powerful truck. We will go ahead and tell you that it is hilarious. No matter what pickup you like, you simply can’t miss the absolute fun in watching one pickup totally own the other. No, we are not giving you any hints as to which one will be the winner of the lot. That you will have to find by yourself in the videos. But, rest assured, most of you will be surprised with the results.

Ford F250 vs Chevy 2500

Ford 250 Super Duty V/S Chevy 2500 Heavy Duty
Most pickup faceoff videos tend to be unfair. The two pickups do not always belong to the same haulage, and league. So, they are easily dismissed as just fun videos. Not this one. Here we have a Ford 250 Super Duty, which is a three-quarter ton truck, and so is the Chevy 2500 Heavy Duty. The two have met a match in each other, and there is no dismissing the ensuing battle as ‘just fun’. No doubt it is fun, but it is more than that too. It is now, real. So what do you think happens when the two arch rivals, both from the same league, lock themselves in a tug of war. Let us give you a hint – one of them totally owns the other. No wait, humiliation is the word. We ourselves could not believe our eyes seeing that one of them got dragged along like a dead cat. Man that is brutal. Don’t miss it. Is the Chevy better than Ford? Check the video to see for yourself.
We can’t say we were surprised by the result, just the intensity of the win. Let us explain why it caught us off guard like this. The Ford 250 Super Duty in the video is most probably a 2010 model. The year 2011 saw a host of changes in the 250. So, this belongs to an older generation of pickups. At the time, the preferred choice of the pickup owners was the 6.4L PowerStroke turbodiesel V8 engine. It was one of the most powerful engines in this class of pickup trucks. It produces a massive 350 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. The F250 Super Duty is built for some heavy hauling. You can easily pull up to 12,000 pounds using an F250, without breaking a sweat.
Its contender and archrival Chevy 2500 Heavy Duty is often considered the best in its class. The 2010 model, as seen in the video, comes equipped with a 6.6L turbodisel Duramax V8 engine. That’s right. This showdown is all about Duramax against PowerStroke. The Chevy 2500 engine churns out about 365 horsepower and 660 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2500 can pull up to 12,500 pounds without any whining. So when these two machines meet each other in a show of strength, we expected to see some serious fight from either side. Instead, what we got was one of them getting bullied, and totally owned. You have to see it to believe it.

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