Epic Dash Cam Fails

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How did that guy get a license to drive or get cheap truck insurance??!!! 

I know you have said this at some point. I’ve head that 90% of drivers think they are in the top 10% based on their own skill and ability. I’m not sure how true this is but seems about right. Where do you stand? 

Sometimes you see some crazy stuff while you are on the road, I don’t mean someone rushing a stop sign when it was “your turn” but things that make you just want to get to where you are going and make sure you are not on the road when the crazies are out. 

This video illustrates a few crazy moments. because of scams and self protections issues dashcams are common in places other than the USA. I’m sure we will see a shift to all cars having dashcams in the future but for now this is a foreign thing. 

Enjoy this montage of WTF moments………


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