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Have you ever thought about taking your brand new Chevy truck out and seeing if you can do what the rock bouncers do? This guy did it!

he lays some destruction and waste to his truck and it takes all of it. Really this almost Looks like a Chevy commercial the way they focus in on the emblem. 

Brand New Chevy Beatdown
Laying waste to your old Chevy during a competition is one thing. But, would you really be willing to take your new Chevrolet Silverado for a hill climbing adventure? Well, that is what this kid does in this video. What do you think would happen if the 4X4 Chevy truck went on hill climbing? Will it fall, topple, struggle, or reach the top? Click on the video to see for yourself.
GM released the second generation Silverado in 2006, and continued it as far as 2014. These Silverados were built on the GMT910 platform. The same pickups were released under the GMC brand as GMC Sierra during this period. These vehicles were fitted with V8 engines for maximum raw power. The model in the video probably had a 6.6L Duramax diesel V8 engine, which was particularly popular during that time, and still is. The engine can generate 397 horsepower and 765 lb.-ft. of torque. Expect to see a glimpse of that massive power in action in this video.

The Chevy Silverado has always been one of the most popular trucks among the Chevy fans. In fact, the 6.6L Diesel engine of the pickup was such a hit that Silverado became one of the most trusted platforms even for military use. Silverado has been refitted for a variety of military purposes – clean black official transport, to an armored protection beast.
After its huge hit, a third generation Silverado was released in 2014 that saw a complete revamp of the Silverado series. The new Chevy truck design formula got rid of the Duramax engine, and gave it the EcoTec3 engine. The 2014 Silverado became certainly more ecofriendly, but it had a boxier look than its predecessor. All of that is now set to change in the latest 2016 Silverado model.

The new Chevy 2016 truck will have a meaner look, and probably more power too. Apart from the standard V6 engine, there is also a choice of a V8 engine. It is also expected that the eight speed transmission will now be available in variants that do not have the 6.2L engine.
There is a great deal of buzz around the new Silverado for a number of reasons. You see, the model had already incorporated a host of next generation features such as iPhone compatibility, Bluetooth hands-free and the Bose premium sound system. Now, more upgrades are expected for the infotainment system in the 2016 version. With some serious options such as Safety Alert Seat, the new 2016 Chevy truck is all set to be a huge hit. These are of course just frills. What really matters to pickup truck fans the most is the sheer power of their vehicle. There has never been a question on the muscle of 4X4 Chevy trucks. If you doubt that, we surely think the video above might have some surprises for you.
Though impressive, we suggest you do not try such stunts at home. The guys in the video may look like they are high on adrenaline, but they are not stupid. They pack some serious driving skills, and are prepared for the worst. Imitating them may not be a healthy choice for your vehicle either.

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