Big Ford Vs Big Chevy Tug Of War At Wapak Tug Fest

Two super trucks getting it on in another hair-spiking, spine-tingling, chair-grabbing Tug of War! I for one can’t wait to see how this mega-battle ends up, the asphalt and motors the only deciding factors in this one of a kind competition.

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The video starts, and we see the lovely silver mistress by the left side of our screen, already edging forward, just about vibrating to win this thing. Next up, the red wheeled killer is hiding to our right, but even though the visibility isn’t entirely on him, we know he’s there just by the way he’s growling like a ravenous lion. Both of these cars deserve to win; only one will prevail, and I doubt you’d like to wait any further. Let’s hit it.

The air thickens with anticipation, both drivers trembling over the gas pedal. The stakes are big, real big.

Blue lights explode over both cars and in that millisecond, both drivers ram forward, the cars screeching with effort. The rope’s stretched to its utmost extendability, crying with exertion to just keep from ripping.

We see super-silver-Ford get some good headway to the right, smoke bursting out of its exhaust pipe like a teenager vomiting after a heavy night of drinking. The entire stadium is on its toes, each with his own contestant, or just sucked up inside this glorious moment; it’ll be over soon, but the result could flip just as easily.

Ford takes the cake! First round, second round, and it’s done! The Silver Lady beats the Red Demon, maybe even a bit too easily. I wouldn’t say anybody got humiliated, but this wasn’t a fair fight.

The only thing better than a Tug of War between two cars is a Tug of War between two trucks, and while these aren’t gargantuan ones, they still pack quite the punch. See you next time!

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