The Best Hill Climb Of All Time!!

Best Hill Climb

There are several ways of destroying an ATV-send it crashing into the Atlantic, drive it against a group of kangaroos or take it for an extreme hill climb.

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Hill climbing and extreme climbing are two different things. Sure, hill climbing can be fun because your rig gets dirty and stretched to a certain extent, but if your machine has the power and tires, this becomes a routine after some time.

The following video is about hill climbing on another level-a level where only the toughest machines and the most determined drivers thrive. Check out the video and enjoy.

The stage is all set as the rigs start ascending the almost 90 degrees ascent as the crowd gathers to cheer. Like a squirrel during the planting season, the first rig rushes to the hill and starts spitting mounds of loose sand. You can’t take grandpa’s Suzuki on this climb.

What impresses the most is the extraordinary power exhibited by these miniature machines as compared to their weight. How would you explain a climb at a lightning speed on loose sand? Only a 900 HP Turbo machine can show such burst of power.

Because of its superior design, the rig is able to do unimaginable stuff. Its excellent balance is evident at 1:18, when the vehicle appears to be toppling over after failing to clear a section of the hill. While the driver is amazing in the way he manages to put the vehicle in reverse, the low center of gravity and strength of the vehicle helps in preventing a disastrous end to the action. This is not to take anything from the massive paddle tires, which are also out of this world.

The ordinary off roader cannot even give 20% of what this turbo charged rig is capable. Most drivers wouldn’t even attempt these crazy stunts. Just how does somebody come to master this kind of skill? The crowd knows something fascinating when they see one. Every successful stunt or clearance gets loud cheers.

Thank God, that rig did not flip over and send the crazy driver crashing. After all the thrilling performances, we have seen in the videos today, we are left to wonder whether driving can be crazier than this. We will wait to see.

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