Awesome Military Vehicle on Sand Dunes

Military Vehicle FI

When you have a combination of thousands of horsepower and massive muscles under your control, you are sure to offer some action even on the biggest sand dunes of Michigan. That’s exactly what happens with this monster of a military truck.

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Watch this video to see what happens when the heavily armored six-wheeler comes face-to-face with crazy mountains of sand and wins.

Conquering the sand dunes is a big priority because it will determine whether the machine is ready for the harsh conditions of the battlefield. It’s not just about the steepness of the dune, but also the condition of the surface.

This custom-built vehicle announces its arrival to the scene with snorts of its powerful engine. Starting from the base of the first sand dune, the pilot unleashes full power that takes the vehicle to the top of the hill like a tomahawk in battle. It scales the sand dune spewing loads of sand from its monstrous wheels.

Once he has cleared the huge hill, the driver hesitates, probably enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Then he u-turns and blasts downhill like a shooting missile going over other dunes along the way. At this stage, the suspensions are almost reaching their breaking points as the giant toy jumps up and down on the uneven terrain.

Again, the driver stops when he comes near a mansion in the middle of the desert. As the action proceeds, the vehicle comes across a pond (for a moment I thought he would have a quick bath). With its phenomenal built, the machine should wade through the water with ease but for a reason, the driver decides to avoid this obstacle altogether.

The dunes experience offers the machine a perfect opportunity to display its incredible torque capabilities. Its acceleration midway the huge sand dune is very impressive. I guess the driver just needs to press the throttle a bit for the required power and acceleration.

Even if there were no specs available for the amazing military toy, we can safely say that it deserves to be in the top league based on its effortless exploits on the usually unmanageable sandy terrain.

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