Awesome Buggy Climbing at the Big Meats Run 2014

Buggy Rock Climb FI

Big Meats 2014! Trucks, riding, engines and a whole lot of noise! I know I’m excited. Are you? We begin the video with a lot of splashing, and a lot of water as the super cars try and escape from a narrow ridge and up on into the crowd’s embracing arms. First one gets it right, nice! Second one just does a loop in the air, and flies down into the water, making quite the mess. Third one’s so close, yet ultimately falls down, the power of gravity beyond all his best efforts. These vehicles are hard at it, and it’s impressive how devoted they are to just getting through these hills. Next trucks get up with a large shot of engine power from the very start, which looks to be the winning strategy in this competition. Nice.

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By 4:00 we see the yellow there, with two of its older drivers, struggling. Struggling hard. It eventually passes on the trip, sadly not being able to go beyond the hill. Next up though, an impressive red car rides all the way up on a steep and long path, and succeeds, almost running a bystander over with its sheer ferocious speed. Damn!

7:35 and we get to watch the impending doom of this white demon, that starts up strong, and finishes, well, sad. A real promising go, that ended up at the bottom of the lake below the top of the mini-mountain ahead. Too bad.

A black, dignified-looking car goes up at it, flying right into the middle, and dropping on its feet. While it didn’t get it in completely, it stuck the landing, and the crowd went wild anyhow!

A red driver, that went slowly into it, refusing to put in his full swing in motion before this menacing hill. He succeeds! Impressive, and a new tactic that hadn’t been seen up until now.

A blue one, light on its feet, and swift with the gas pedal. Nice, it just passes the hill like it was made of cream.

11:02 and another one goes at it, and gets about winning! It passes through the obstacles, and comes out triumphant.

13:01 and a blue speed demon goes beyond the hill, easy. Or at least he makes it seem as such.

These vehicles are insane! And by 16:30 we get to see another determined go at the twisty path we’ve seen conquered before.

18:16. Stuck! This green contender goes down, despite his best efforts.

20:09, this excited lady and the driver are flying through the ground, getting up and over the steep path with seemingly not much difficulty, at least until the end. They get over it! Well done!

This was Big Meats Run 2014! Hope you enjoyed this one, ladies and folks.

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