4×4 Buggy Rolls Over and Lead to A Lifeflight Ride For Driver

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I started watching this video, thinking what a cool line they had to drive and awesome machine to be doing it in. Then as the driver started turning as I understand it, the rearwheel steering through her for a bit of a loop which is what causes this rock crawler to roll.

So normally a Rockwell like this with the roll cage and the slow speed at which they’re going you probably wouldn’t have any injuries but apparently the woman was a less experienced driver and either grab onto the roll bar or stuck her hand out of the vehicle in some way. As the rock crawler rolled, her hand was crushed between the roll cage and the rock.

As the video progresses you see by standards and friends helping her out using their medical knowledge to keep her from bleeding and help stabilize the hand. Here’s a quote from somebody who has close hand knowledge of the situation:

She DID have a seatbelt on. we had to cut it to get her out of the buggy. dude kicked in rear steer to show off his buggy and she didn’t know how to use it. simple mistake. most of you would do the same. As for my buddy Greg and the belt, she was bleeding A LOT. degloved her hand between the roll bar and rock. stretched her wrist about 6 inches longer than it should have been and ripped all the skin up to her fingers. Granted she may not have needed it at the time, we did what we could to help her. Greg and I have basic first aid, his military and mine from oil rigs. we are not doctors like all of you smart fuckers. Heather is an awesome person and last I spoke to her, she was regaining mobility and use of her hand after many surgeries. As for being under the buggy, if you have ever been in that hole on the escalator on hells revenge, you would know that the way it was torqued in there made it nearly impossible for it to slide further down hill. it didn’t budge down slope when we lifted it off her wrist, so we felt confident in keeping her there for a moment. Dude with the baby shouldn’t have been there. As for giving water to a person in shock, we gave her sips as she needed, only about 8 ounces in the hour we waited for the bird. And the hero of the story is the helicopter pilot. he landed that thing on a dime, teetering on a rock. dude was a stud. helmets are a good idea for everyone. we aren’t all perfect, but it is a great adventure to wheel in moab and I hope you all get the opportunity to do so.
so not sharing this video for some gory thrill seekers. If you’re experienced it’s a good reminder and if your new maybe these are new lessons. Where a helmet and keep your hands in the vehicle when it rolls. It’s also smart to have at least some first aid knowledge, how to stop bleeding, how to splinter broken bone or fracture,and how to treat shock. Just in case. Based on the comments the driver was airlifted out and well on her way to recovery. I wish her the best hope she’s doing well.

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