ATV Flying Through a Lake Like a Jet Ski


Have you always wanted to walk on water? I know of a few animals that can pull off this trick. Probably you can get a few tips from the water striders of Central America. However, what if I told you that an ATV just blasted across a lake and broke all the hydroplaning records we have ever known. With that, David Lewis became an instant hero in Tigard, Oregon.

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If this sounds too good to be true, watch the following 1-minute of adrenaline filled action. The sand dunes of Oregon are the venue and the ATV in question is a quad, with a daredevil driver behind the wheel.

The quad speeds down the dune towards the lake, and you can tell that the intent is there. Normally, a quad walks a few meters before losing control and traction. Let’s watch and see what happens.

For the guy to make it to the other side of the damn wide water patch, he will have to do be in another form. As it turns out, he has done enough practice, as he flies from shore to shore like a jet ski. It looked easy but from the stunned look on the spectators’ faces, that was an extraordinary dash over water by a land creature.

It is phenomenal how he is able to maintain his momentum and balance across the water. The transition from land to water and land again is so flawless that I still have doubts that water was deep enough. What modifications are on the quad that makes it such a powerful wader? I don’t think a standard quad can even hydroplane a hundred feet before it throws in the towel. Oh, maybe it’s the incredible skill and determination of this macho.

Whatever the explanation to this wonder, this performance by the four-wheeler is a defiance of science, as we know it. Question is, can the machine replicate this performance here or elsewhere?

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