Army Truck vs Monster Ford Truck Extreme Tug O War

Army vs Ford

What happens when a monster Ford truck comes against an army truck? Well, you may be surprised to know the answer. Before we even go there, let us know a bit about the specs.

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Each of the drive axles of a standard army truck weighs about 25,000 pounds. The engine has a capacity if about 500hp. That alone is a winning combination. Can a Ford truck stand against this bulldozer?

What do all these specs mean? The truck would pluck out the huge tree in your backyard without even breaking a sweat. This sounds as a partner you would want to have any day, anywhere.

All this force is coming against a monster Ford truck in a tug of war of the decade. With the rope in place, the contest begins and for a moment, it appears as if the army truck is the outright winner. With that entire horsepower, the army machine should have the upper hand, right?

Changing the direction of 500 insane horses is an uphill task, but the monster Ford truck believes it still has a chance. Yes, the Ford is hugely disadvantaged, but the tide seems to turn its way.

The army truck, with the signature camouflage, tries its best to prove the bets right, but it is not an easy task. At 1:55 we can see the machine almost dragging the Ford across the tarmac, but the reaction from the smaller competitor will take your breath away.

Have you ever seen a truck doing a belly dance? That’s what it takes the Ford to overcome the taunts of the army truck. As they say, never judge a book by its size. The bigger truck did not see any real competition from the much smaller Ford and now see-it has lost this tug of war at Yankee Lake.

Congratulations to the monster Ford truck and better training next time to the army truck.

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