Amphibious Six Wheelers

Amphibious ATVs FI

It’s another wet day in the woods as the pure sounds of the machines drown the sounds of nature. Today, the vehicle that remains standing after the explosive encounter will happily receive the badass title. Mudslinging will be the order of the day and spectators of all ages will cheer.

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Before the action, most of these amphibious machines appear set to get into the mud and drive to the other end. Witness the action unfolding in the following video.

The charge that happens in these swamps is not on six legs; it’s on six wheels. Before the riders get into the mud, there are all colors of vehicles on the bank. All washed and waxed up, the vehicles have polished chromes, and some may even have had a paint redo. However, you know that the end of one mud flinging round, they will all be wearing the same overcoat.

The ATVs show their prowess on this deep and uneven 50-inch deep mud. It’s exciting to see a wide range of six wheelers plus the weaknesses and strengths of the drivers. Some of the tracks are similar to chocolate milkshake, but lucky for the riders and their machines, recent rains mean it will be easier for the vehicles to navigate.

For a moment, you may think that the first vehicle is going to be soaked in the thick sludge but it is well prepared for this obstacle. Who is going to be the first to be stuck and face the humiliation of being towed out?

Each of these teams demonstrates great composure and skills to navigate through the waters and mud. They use all manner of tactics as they keep their eyes on the prize.

The never say die spirit of the amphibious six wheelers is demonstrated at around 9.00 min by the lone lass. She comes down the slope and looks to clear the steep stretch from the swamp. Her machine lifts its chest like an agitated panda before crashing back into the thick mud. With the resilience of a lawn chair, the rider tries several times until nature obliges.

I’ll give it to her and all the other mudders who take part in this exciting event because they push to the limit to produce this mudbogging display

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