How Many Trucks Can This Mud Hole Swallow

 compare full size trucks

We have to compare full size trucks in this video. start off our video with a magnificent truck, going down in the mud, struggling to pass through. It’s blowing smoke all over the place, grunting hard, splashing brown water. And it’s being towed, this poor victim of Mother Nature’s assault is being towed out and we now can be easy, it’s going to make it. Until, of course, the truck enters the mudpit on its own, again. That’s just asking for it.

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Towed again now, not a whole lot of choice in the matter. I’m not sure what made this trucker get inside this devilish pond anyhow. It obviously doesn’t seem truck-friendly.

Another truck enters, a sweet Chevy and somehow surpasses the obstacle. Next the white truck tries as well, and succeeds, if only barely.

Though, these trucker’s luck is bound to run out sometime. And it does. The following truck saw what happened and assumed this hole to be passable, until it got jammed, knee deep inside it. Towed again, and again, and again. This tower is either a really got Samaritan, or quite the moneymaker.

And another one bites the dust. When will they learn? A sign, or anything resembling one might’ve help these drivers evade this pit of death-by-driving. Another red one sticks inside the mud, and the rest of the video shows us a lot of other trucks, monster and not, trying to pass through this annoyingly placed pit of hard beige mud.

It seems to me the mud just kept getting deeper with every stride. Maybe they should’ve stopped at the beginning instead of trying out their luck. Imagine them going for a hike with their family and the ol’ truck and getting immobilized inside one of those pits. I can imagine the wife won’t appreciate it.

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