800Hp Trophy Truck Tears Through Its Path


In the present day of marketing through viral videos, we are often treated to something out of this world. Monster Energy is at the center of this form of marketing and together with BJ Baldwin, they mean serious business.

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BJ Baldwin is back with Recoil 2, but this time we head to the beautiful coastal town of Ensenada, Mexico. We have come to know Baldwin as a real badass for his displays, but we are never able to guess what he will do next or where he will go. If you are still asking who this person is, then you have not witnessed any of his hair-raising moves with his monster energy truck.

Let’s go straight to Mexico and see what this 7-minute clip contains.

Comfortably seated in the 800 hp truck, BJ makes his way into the city where he will literally bring the streets to a standstill. His motivation today is a bet with his friend Dan Bilzerian and of course, the presence of several cuties headed to the beach.

There are all manner of obstacles, but BJ rips them all. He starts in the desert, his aim being to go the town center, raise a few heads there and then rush to the seaside before the clock.

Before we even see the white walls that dot the city, we get the first crazy stunt. BJ comes across an underpass and produces a 360 degree that has never been seen before. Did you see those flames of fire as the tires squeeze the hot sand?

He is now inside the city and its now becoming dangerous. Excited fans can only watch from the safety of their rooftops. Will he manage to maintain the speed in those squeezed corridors?

Going by the 50-feet jumps across the streets, 90-degree corners and insane runs over city ruins, Baldwin definitely deserves a medal, if not the bet. How did those cuties even gather the guts to sit on the stairs as the monster flies above their heads?

Soon, BJ Baldwin will have to do the jumps at Queen’s Garden Trail. No doubt, he will accept that challenge with open arms.

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