Tatra 813 6×6 Goes For A Test Drive To Prove It’s Amazing Capabilities


The Tatra 6×6 trucks is an amazing offroad vehicle that can go just about anywhere, as long as the path is wide enough and the trees are small enough. in this video watch as the Tatra┬ámaneuvers its way through some challenging obstacles, including one point with the track itself is sideways is able to write itself and get back on its wheels.

The toucher truck dates back to 1960 and the company itself is is a Czechoslovakian company the initial concept and prototype was a 4 x 4 full-time all-wheel-drive vehicle. This concept quickly morphed into an 8 x 8 all-terrain vehicle and a 6 x 6 all-terrain vehicle. The design itself is modular so customers looking to buy these vehicles can select for six or eight will design and has various wheelbase combinations.

The engine itself is a naturally aspirated B-12 engine which was built by adding four more cylinders to their previous V-8 engine. The military version of this motor is multifuel capable and can run on mixtures of diesel fuel petrol aviation fuel or kerosene.

The production of the model T813 that you see here in the video began in 1967 and was suspended in 1982 these models were available in 4 x four, 6 x 6, and 8 x 8 drive configurations for civilian and military use. The truck has become extremely popular as a base vehicle for many off-road races and competitions and truck trials across Europe.

Watch the video and see if your truck could compete with this one

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